Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you take on commissioned assignments (magazine / wedding etc.)?

Nope! I'd be flattered if anyone thought I was that good but this is just something I enjoy doing for myself; I've no real interest in doing it professionally at the moment.


Can I buy a licence to use your photos for my magazine / book / art project etc.?

I'm working on it! Eventually you will be able to buy downloads of the original images for your own use via various licences, but I need to decide the terms of the licences first!


Does your 'logo' appear on the final product?

Nope! This is just a watermark for security purposes and will most definitely not appear on your item! :)


Is the clothing in US or UK Sizes?

The clothing is produced by Zenfolio US and therefore in US sizes. Please ensure you know what size you require before you place your order as you will not be able to change/cancel this once the order is submitted to the producer. Please note: if you're ordering from outside the US you may face import charges on these items. More information on import charges can be found below.


What print looks best on the clothing, portrait or landscape?

It's up to you, but if you go with landscape the 'white areas' that don't meet the cropping requirements will be printed as opposed to being ignored. Please note that the quality of the image printed on material may not be as high as it is on paper.


Some products aren't available in my location, how come?

It's true, some products are tailored to specific markets based upon the requirements of the lab producing the products and also the products available through those labs. There are also restrictions on which currency specific labs can accept and, as a result, there are limitations when it comes to making those products available in specific regions.


Can I get prints framed and mounted?

This service is offered by the labs native to the US and Australia, and a limited selection in the UK, but not elsewhere. You can order mounted prints from outside your region but you will likely end up paying import charges and the postage costs will be very high. In these instances it may be cheaper and easer to simply buy the print you want and then take it to be framed locally. Check out more information regarding Shipping and Import Charges below.


What is 'Colour Correction'?

This is a service offered by some labs whereby the person processing your prints will visually inspect the image file and make alterations to the colour profile based on what they think will look best when printed. Most of the time this is usually only done to enhance the image, however, as a result there may be variations in colour between what you view on screen and what you are sent. There will always be minor variations due to different types of printers, but if you disable colour correction then the image you are sent will be the closest possible to the original file.


Who do I contact if I have a query regarding my order / payments / refunds etc.?

In the first instance you should contact Zenfolio Customer Support as they received the order numbers etc. which I do not see unless I am informed of them. You can reply directly to the email you received when you placed your order, or you can contact them at:

If you have a specific question regarding one of the images then you can contact me directly via the form on this site, or via Twitter (the link is on the site): @chateauxednerfs.


How long will it take to process my order?

This entirely depends on the lab and the product, but this is literally out of my hands. Most labs process standard size photographic prints within 48hrs; however, this can vary. For other products this may take longer. For most products the processing time is between 3 - 5 business days; occasionally this can take up to 7 business days. If in doubt, follow the golden rule: always place your order(s) in plenty of time so you don't have to rush! You should see an estimated delivery time during the checkout process.


What are the postage (shipping) charges?

You can check the Postage Estimator at Checkout, but the charges vary from lab to lab, product to product, and the location to which they are being posted. Most labs also offer a range of services. Shipping can be confirmed before you place your order. You should also be aware that if you order products from two different labs, they will be subject to separate shipping charges.


Where is my order?

Please note that I don't fulfil any of these orders myself, this is done via the various partner labs around the globe and you would need to check with Zenfolio Customer Services to check. Delivery times can vary depending on the lab from which they are ordered and where they are being shipped to. If an order is delayed all I can do is apologise on behalf of the courier / delivery company!


Will there be any additional import charges if the lab is not based in my country?

Possibly. I can't guarantee whether there will or will not be; however, the table below indicates the locations of the lab from which your product will be dispatched. If the product is being dispatched from another location to the one you're in, you should be able to look up any potential import charges online!


Lab Locations

Lab Ships From
MPix / Mpix Pro USA
Zenfolio US USA
Pikto Canada
Picto France
One Vision Imaging United Kingdom
Zenfolio Europe Europe
NuLab / NuShots Australia
Fotoflots USA
PictureItPostage US


Will there be any additional bank charges if I purchase something in non-native currency?

Possibly. Usually if you purchase an item in a non-native currency your bank will apply an f/x (exchange) rate to correct for the charge. They also sometimes apply an admin fee for the privilege! You would need to check with your own bank to know what the charges will be. The simple solution is to order in your native currency where possible - don't try and 'cheat the system'! ;)

Using shipping to the UK as an example: in the Shopping Cart settings, select Shipping To: United Kingdom and Currency to GBP.

How is VAT / Sales Tax applied?

In the UK I am not VAT registered (if you're from HMRC, relax - it's because I don't make enough from this venture to need to register!), as such, VAT will not be applied to your order. Where Sales Tax is applicable elsewhere, this should automatically be applied at Checkout.

What will the quality of the prints be like?

Should be top-notch; however, please note that some of the larger prints (This is usually limited to poster prints: 24 x 16", 30 x 20") may appear ever so slightly slightly 'fuzzy' up close. This is because some of the files need to be blown-up slightly in order to meet the image dimension requirements. For all of my print sizes I have chosen only print ratios that specifically match the ratio in which the original image was taken, this allows for a better quality print.

Personal Note: I have tried my very best to ensure that products available should not be affected by this issue, but I cannot guarantee images won't be affected at these sizes. On a personal note: I have several of my own prints hanging in my home at 30 x 20" size - and in my own humble opinion the pieces look great; I'd be more than happy to include them in a gallery show!

Important Note: If you do decide to change the crop on an image in order to zoom in on a specific part of that image you are effectively enlarging that part of the image beyond its intended dimension, when you do this you reduce the DPI (Dots Per Inch) of the file thus reducing image quality. The effect of this will be more prominent on poster size prints. My personal recommendation is that you do not do this if ordering poster size prints. On print sizes 18 x 12" and below you will be able to adjust the cropping without having an adverse effect - although the more you crop the less of the original image you see!